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Your brand is your people. Our people are educated, formally or self-directed. They are passionate about Art and understand why it is important to humanity as a whole. They want a “third place,” somewhere they can go—that isn’t home or work—and hang out with other folks in an energized community. They are passionate and they show up for themselves and for others…because visibility is vital.


If this sounds like you, explore the many ways to be a part of the community and culture that we’re building at Art in the Atrium.

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Experience Black Excellence and works of profound relevance.

Art in the Atrium Programs

There is no more inspiring and intimate way to bring cultural programming to your table than engaging with Art in the Atrium in any of the many ways.


Host a curated Black Art exhibit at your house. Corporate HQs, libraries, public-private partnership spaces, offices, and private events, create an ambiance like no other.


Black Art History Programming
Take it to the next level by hosting a 2-hr speaking engagement from artists & curators in discussion of the History of Black Art.

Private Tours 
Imagine walking through an exclusive exhibit side-by-side with the artist or curator, sharing intimate details about their work—unforgettable.

Exhibit & Black Art History Programming 
Let’s celebrate and advance Black, Brown, Indigenous, and People of the Global Majority art and culture through the lens of History and connect with the work in a more profound way.

Exhibit & Private Tour Programming 
Get a deeper level of appreciation, understanding, and perspective. Explore the thought process of what went into making this work and know the value.

Exhibit & Black Art History Programming & Private Tour 
Inspired and influential! Take your art appreciation experience to a whole new level of depth and dimension. The ultimate immersive celebration of reverence and humanity through the artist’s lens.

Volunteer and Docent Opportunities

Wake up culture to the Black Divine


Students, interns, and community builders, immerse yourself in unique Black perspectives, amplification, and advocacy. Add your name to the list to be the first to know of upcoming opportunities.

Volunteers are our lifeblood! We are beyond grateful for all of the time and energy that they put into being a part of the Art in the Atrium Experience for thousands of art lovers, philanthropists with fine taste, and curators of culture who come to immerse themselves in unique Black perspectives, amplification, and advocacy. Without you, we’d really be on the struggle bus to create world-class events and experiences. Thank you.

In exchange for your volunteer time, we promise to do everything we can to make this an enriching and rewarding experience for you, too. We hope our volunteers leave a little better than they arrive, having been a part of the vision for Art in the Atrium and we strive to make every situation a win-win for everybody.

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If you know our story, then you know that Art in the Atrium came to be as a direct result of there being a palatable absence of non-White art at the Morris County (NJ) Courthouse. If you also have a “not on our watch” attitude, consider becoming a corporate sponsor.  

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For $100 a year (students $20) you can join our tight-knit group of go-getters and art appreciators. You get first dibs on just about anything and many opportunities to be treated like the VIP you are.

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